Who We Are

We encourage all who have an interest in nature and the quality of our environment to become members of the National Audubon Society, and of our local chapter, the Fond du Lac County Audubon Society. Our local chapter sponsors monthly programs September through May and offers field trips, workshops, activities, and opportunities to improve the quality of our environment.

Board Members

President – Amy Sheldon
Vice President – Margie Winter
Secretary – Judith Hollis
Treasurer – Mike Sweney
Conservation Director – Dave Stetter
Invasive Species Chair/Editor – Diana Beck
Membership Chair – Carol Jewett
Program Chair – Dave Sehloff
Publicity Chair – Evelyn McLean-Cowan
Webmaster – Earl Jewett
Member-at-Large – Kathleen Stetter
Member-at-Large – Todd Berens

If you have questions about the Fond du Lac County Audubon Society, please email Amy Sheldon or call 920-904-6076.

Meet Our President – Dr. Amy Sheldon

Most birders recall a magical moment when they became hooked on birding. My lifelong love of birds began at age eight when I connected the ardent “teacher teacher teacher” call of the ovenbird, to the actual bird, perched on a mossy log, at my grandparents’ home on La Pointe Island in Lake Huron.

My passion for birds took a backseat as I pursued a career in medicine, practicing for the last 22-plus years at St. Agnes hospital, as a general pathologist. I have always felt privileged to be able to help manage the care of patients by arriving at the most accurate diagnosis, which in turn leads to the best treatment and chance of a cure or improved health.

With work and family pressures subsiding (after successfully raising and having fledged three talented boys now ages 29, 25, and 22), I rekindled my love of birding and bird conservation. Our yard, a two-acre prairie restoration, planted by Connie Ranthum, has been a successful venture at habitat restoration. Our yard bird list is up to 97 species. We enjoy sharing our interest in natural landscaping. Our yard was featured on the 2010 Zoopolis Tour and will be on the 2015 Agnesian Garden Walk. We are also being active stewards to a forest property in Vilas County.

I have been a life-long member and contributor to the International Crane Foundation and participate in the Sandhill Crane Count. We also support and take part in a variety of bird-related activities and projects including the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Feeder Project, Wisconsin Society of Ornithology, National Wildlife Backyard Habitat, Duluth Hawk Ridge and North Lakeland Discovery Bird Club. We love to attend bird festivals and field trips; our favorites have been Cape May Audubon and Galveston Featherfest. Our vacation destinations nearly always include a bird tour. Each trip has been an extravaganza of colorful bird life as well as a time to meet and share our interest with other birders.

I look forward to serving as the Fond du Lac County Audubon President and to have an opportunity to give back to a cause I love – the appreciation and preservation of birds.

As apex species in our environment, birds are sensitive indicators of Global biostability. Our stewardship of them is an investment in the future of humankind.

Audubon Seeks Board Members and Committee Members
Fond du Lac County Audubon Society welcomes interested community members to consider being on our Board or on a Committee. If you are interested in being involved and making a difference in our organization and the community, please  email Amy Sheldon or call 920-904-6076.

Please remember Fond du Lac County Audubon Society in your estate planning, legacy, memorials, or special donations.