How to Help

Many citizens enjoy the Peebles Trail and our local parks. Unfortunately these natural areas are becoming choked with invasive species. Volunteers work together to eradicate aggressive invasive plants including buckthorn and garlic mustard, which threaten our natural areas and wildlife habitat.

Buckthorn Removal Sessions 2017

We all need to pitch in and help remove this aggressive invasive that is taking over our wild areas. You will learn how to identify and tackle this plant. Please come to at least one pulling session or more. 

PEEBLES TRAIL (Prairie Road)

Session 3: 

Wednesday, November 1

Meet on Prairie Road at the junction with the trail (about 1/4 mile south of Winnebago Drive).


Saturday, November 4
Meet in the parking lot (five miles south of
Fond du Lac on Hickory Street).


Monday, November 6
Meet at the south end of the park on National Ave.


All sessions will be from 9 – 11 am. Cancelled in the event of steady rain. Please bring work gloves and wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. No experience is necessary. For more information, call 920-922-7931 or email


What is Buckthorn?

Buckthorn is one of the most invasive non-native plants in our local prairies, woodlands, and yards. It shades and crowds out native plants, creating a dense, dull monoculture with barren erosive soil beneath. Fall is the best time to target the plant for removal. Join the work parties to help us restore the habitat along the Peebles Trail.

Buckthorn was brought to this country from Germany in the 19th century. The small tree/shrub makes a good hedge and the berries have a laxative effect. Over the years, the berries have been spread by birds and now buckthorn can be found all over our city and county. The problem comes from a lack of natural controls such as insects that might eat it, and results in thick infestations that crowd out native species.


Help Remove Garlic Mustard to Reclaim Natural Beauty

Buckthorn Removal Sessions, Spring 2018, dates and times to be determined.

The best time to tackle the invasive Garlic Mustard is in the late spring.


The Gottfried Prairie and Arboretum

This beautiful native prairie restoration will benefit from your talents and skills. Visit their website to find out how you can make a difference.


Volunteers help to rid the prairie of alien weed species.

Audubon Board and Committees

Any interested community member is invited to attend a Board meeting to find out more about being involved; please contact Amy Sheldon. Our organization seeks volunteers for our Board and for Committees including marketing – Evelyn McLean-Cowan and education – Margie Winter.