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Elephants, Beetles, and Trees:
the Importance of Megafaunal Seed Dispersal
Wednesday, December 10, 7 pm
MPTC, Room O-102

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Bradley Spanbauer, Associate Lecturer in the Department of Biology/
Microbiology at UW-Oshkosh, will describe his research on African savannah
elephants as critical seed dispersers. Completed in the beautiful national
parks of northern Tanzania, his work documents the importance of elephants
in propagating important tree species of the African savannah ecosystem. In
addition to describing his fascinating data collection process, he will remind
us of the plight of elephants and the many threats to their existence. Expect
wonderful up-close-and-personal photos of elephants and the African landscape.

EcoTourism and Sustainable Travel in Wisconsin
Wednesday, January 14, 7 pm
MPTC, Room O-104
David Spiegelberg, Regional Tourism Specialist with the Wisconsin Department
of Tourism, will speak about Wisconsin’s ecotourism opportunities, sustainable
travel, and the state’s Travel Green Wisconsin program. Wisconsin’s silent sport
opportunities and tourism businesses that have made an effort to incorporate
sustainable business practices into their operations will be highlighted.

We Thank Diana Beck for Her Service
as Audubon President and Welcome
Dr. Amy Sheldon to the Position
In 2007, Diana Beck stepped up as President of
Fond du Lac County Audubon Society and brought
her love of wildlife habitat and the outdoors to
our chapter with her energetic leadership. Diana
initiated Zoopolis–Nature in the City, bringing an
awareness of natural landscaping to the community.
She increased efforts to eradicate invasive species
by leading volunteers on garlic mustard pulls
and buckthorn extraction. Diana instigated an
appreciation of edible wild plants with the Dandelion
Festivals and the Wild Feast Potlucks. Diana organized
adventure rafting trips to Colorado and Utah, and led
local summer hikes and winter yaktrakking on the
Fond du Lac River. Diana will continue to share her
passion for Audubon.
Amy Sheldon, MD, has
worked as a general pathologist
at St. Agnes Hospital for the
past 22 years. Amy is looking
forward to serving as the
President of the Fond du
Lac Audubon Chapter. She
considers it an opportunity
to give back to a cause she
loves – the appreciation and
preservation of birds. Look for
a more comprehensive bio of
Amy in our Spring newsletter.

Thank You to Photographers
See the beautiful work of photographers Elizabeth A.
W. Ahlborn,
Gretchen Steele, and Joel
Nisleit in our newsletter, and
visit them online to see more of their photography!

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