Bird Rehab

Rehabilitation Consultation

Audubon Board member LouRea Kenyon provides consultation and rescue advice for orphaned, injured, and ill native wildlife species. LouRea was a permitted professional wildlife rehabilitator for 38 years in Florida, owner of Nutkin’s Nest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, and published author of books and articles related to wildlife rehabilitation. Contact LouRea at 920-872-2266 for help.

Wisconsin DNR Wildlife Rehabilitation Directory

It is important to contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator immediately if you have determined that a wild animal is sick, injured, or truly orphaned. Never attempt to rehabilitate wildlife on your own. Wisconsin’s licensed wildlife rehabilitators are specially trained to provide temporary care and treatment to wild animals for the purpose of release back into the wild. For more information, visit the Department of Natural Resources website.

Wildlife of Wisconsin

Find out more about this non-profit organization and their rehabilitation work on their Facebook page.